Can you imagine having your city as a single, integrated system?

Meet Ubiwhere’s Urban Platform! An innovative solution that provides a global and integrated view of cities.
An easy and very friendly platform that allows you to manage your city, whether you are responsible for traffic and mobility, safety, infrastructure or high-level decision making

The good news is that you will not need to spend time staring at complex information. We give you every details, as if we were your personal counselor.


  • Incidents Response

    Occurrences and incidents effective response.

  • Environment

    Efficient environmental monitoring and thorough analysis.

  • Energy

    Energy efficiency and consumption monitoring.

  • Mobility

    Holistic Parking and Traffic management.

  • Sustainability

    Standard Indicators for city services and quality of life.

  • Our Urban Platform offers decision-makers a Holistic view of their cities, presenting effective insights based on the cross-domain data processed in a unified way.

Ubiwhere on map

We are in 35 cities
around the world
  • Antwerp
  • Aveiro
  • Baltimore
  • Barcelona
  • Barreiro
  • Birmingham (US)
  • Bristol
  • Cologne
  • Columbia
  • Copenhagen
  • Coruche
  • Helsinki
  • Howard County
  • Lagoa
  • Leiria
  • Lisboa
  • Loulé
  • Lucca
  • Luxembourg
  • Madrid
  • Mexico City
  • Papagayo
  • Pioneer Valley
  • Porto
  • Raleigh
  • Richmond
  • Rio Maior
  • Riverside
  • Sintra
  • Summit County
  • Trikala
  • Torreón
  • Vienna
  • Wolfsburg
  • Zagreb

About us

We have the innate desire of changing the World. That’s why we create, design and develop solutions that improve people’s lives. Day by day, our multi-skilled team works to bridge the existing gaps in the market.

Our story

Our company is committed to create smart solutions for smart cities in areas such as mobility, tourism, energy and efficient resource management. We embrace interoperability, Open Data and smart cloud-based services as fundamental components of what we do.

Our offices

The new headquarters in the bright city of Aveiro.

Our clean, minimalist and sunny headquarters have brought a new energy and a more welcoming workplace environment. With a simple and open space design, our departments can easily communicate and bring ideas to life. Aveiro is our home city, but we have a special tenderness for Coimbra and São João da Madeira, where we also have offices.

Ubiwhere is focused on Research and Innovation of software-based solutions in the areas of Smart Cities, Telecommunications and Internet of the Future.