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A web solution designed for governments that provides the digital twin of the city, and delivers a real-time view of every street, plus insightful analytics to support decision-making and increase the efficiency of the city operations.

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The Urban Platform operates on a global market, already demonstrated in 12+ cities.

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  • Make use of data from multiple city domains to get effective insights to solve the day-to-day challenges. This way, city leaders can access a detailed dashboard to get better prepared for the ever-growing urban population, its increased pressure on public services and infrastructure, as well as climate change and other hazards.

Our Unique Value Proposition

The Urban Platform allows cities to unlock and open the silos between their sectors (mobility, environment, and infrastructure), allowing them to increase the efficiency of municipal operations and the transparency towards citizens, while improving the performance of governmental services, aimed at the citizens’ welfare and quality of life.


Single Integrated System

Reference architecture compliant with international standards and EU best practices to support the efficient processing and analysis of data from heterogeneous sources.


Interoperability And Standardisation

Compliance with OASC MIMs and Living-in.EU for openness in data exchange and with SmartDataModels for normalisation of information towards EU Data Spaces.


Powered by Open-Source

The Urban Platform is a modular and scalable solution implemented with open-source software, actively contributing to the community.

Main Advantages


The Urban Platform adapts to each city needs, as it seamlessly aggregates and harmonises data from multiple domains and formats, generated by different technologies;


Avoid vendor lock-in with the platform’s openness and interoperability, that allows the seamless integration of new datasets and external applications with its open and standard interfaces (APIs); 

Robustness, performance and high availability

The solution is mature and delivered in highly-available infrastructure, using several elements for monitoring and supervision, plus redundancy to minimise recovery time in the event of a failure;


Microservices-based, it can be implemented anywhere: on-premise environments (e.g. private Data Centres, on-premise infrastructure), IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) providers or hybrid cloud environments;


The platform is suited for municipalities of any dimension, region and language, with its architecture designed to scale and ensure a high performance everytime;


All platform services and externally-exposed channels are encrypted and secure, with data protection mechanisms in place for trustworthiness and compliance with GDPR.


Live Map

Real-time city status and forecasting capabilities for effective urban planning


Efficient incident management and improved response to hazards


Correlation of cross-domain information for knowledge extraction and impact assessment

Live Video

AI models for video analysis to automatically detect incidents and accidents, or other data (parking occupancy, illegal parking, counting people)

City Indicators

Standard metrics to help cities benchmark their progress towards the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

Open Data Portal

Digital Open Source data catalog for  transparency, and data sharing with citizens and the private sector

Urban Platform's Citizen App

A citizen-centred digital tool providing a direct link between the local government and the community, to increase transparency, participation, co-creation, data sharing and feedback collection.

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Nearby POI's

Provide details to closeby points of interest in your city such as parking information and events

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Incident Reports

Get feedback from the local community regarding real-time occurrences for efficient response

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Municipal Services

Centralize municipal services including EV Charging booking and bike-sharing payment

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Broadcast local events and latest news about your city

From idea to Product

(via Research and Innovation projects)
Our team is ready to work with you, from vision to reality.

Standardised analysis of cities’ sustainability with Machine Learning

City Catalyst aims to address cities' challenges in integrating existing devices, systems and platforms to support an integrated and more efficient and effective urban management. Ubiwhere is improving the Urban Platform with Machine Learning models that calculate performance indicators for the city of Guimarães.

Privacy-preserving (Computer Vision) algorithms for Smart Cities

FogProtect is researching technology to protect sensitive data in the computing continuum (from IoT sensors, through fog nodes up to cloud servers and ultimately end-user devices). Ubiwhere demonstrates citizens’ privacy by anonymising sensitive data collected from CCTV footage in Aveiro and ensuring only authorised users can access, depending on their policies, the original video, the blurred version or the metadata extracted from the video feed.

Absorbing Traffic Pollution with AI

FranchetAI is an innovative, data-driven, and AI-based solution that aims at helping cities absorb traffic pollution, inspired by Cotoneaster franchetii, a super-plant acknowledged for filtering 20% more emissions than other shrubs. The Urban Platform was enriched with robust pipelines and tools for AI models and data visualisation of GHG emissions.

Open-source Internet-of-Everything Platform for Smart Cities

An open platform developed with open-source technology for Antwerp, Copenhagen and Helsinki within the SELECT4Cities pre-commercial procurement. The Urban Platform’s concept has been validated and further co-created within SELECT4Cities, through the integration of open-source components, such as Keycloak.

Implementing and testing Positive Energy Districts in historical cities

POCITYF aims to help historical cities to become greener, smarter and more livable while respecting their cultural heritage. The Urban Platform is used in Évora for holistic management to showcase data collected from all the innovative solutions implemented in the project and retrieve relevant energy-related KPIs.

Minimal Interoperability Mechanisms for Smart Cities

Synchronicity delivers a Single Digital City Market for Europe and harmonised ecosystem for IoT-enabled smart city solutions. It establishes a reference architecture for the envisioned IoT-enabled city marketplace with identified interoperability points and interfaces as well as data models for different domains. The Urban Platform was demonstrated in Porto leveraging OASC’s Minimal Interoperability Mechanisms and SmartDataModels.

Forecasting Parking Availability and Traffic Flow

Urban4Cast is a data-driven and AI-based approach that helps cities better understand the mobility patterns of their citizens through monitoring and forecasting of parking occupancy and bicycle usage to predict their usage and optimise their location. Urban4Cast contributes with prediction capabilities of urban mobility data into the Urban Platform.

Creating the City Nervous System, an organic approach for city Management

URBSENSE offers the necessary technology to upgrade street furniture (such as lampposts, cabinets or kiosks) with wireless, computing, networking, storage and administration capabilities turning it into neutral hosting and edge computing platforms for 5G deployment. The Urban Platform’s user interface is used for asset management and IoT data visualisation.

Air Quality Estimation, Monitoring and Forecasting capabilities

NEANIAS plays an active role in the materialisation of the European Open Science Cloud ecosystem via the co-design and delivery of innovative thematic services, for three major sectors: Underwater, Atmospheric and Space. Ubiwhere is improving the Urban Platform with air quality and pollution monitoring features and forecasting capabilities, demonstrated within the city of Helsinki.

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